Domivka Renovation - Donations

Your tax-deductible contribution TODAY will help provide a modern, efficient, technology-enabled environment for thousands of Plast members, their families and guests for many years to come.
Domivka Renovation Financial Goal: $1,500,000.

Gift Levels:
  • Patron: $25,000 minimum
  • Platinum: $10,000 minimum
  • Gold: $5,000 minimum
  • Silver: $2,500 minimum
  • Bronze: $1,000 minimum
  • Friend: $1,000 or less

All Donations will be recognized.
Room Sponsorship:
  • Large Meeting Room $100,000
  • Welcome Center I&  II: $75,000 each room
  • Rooms for Scouts Meetings
    • Large (Yunatstvo): $50,000
    • Medium (Novatstvo): $40,000
    • Small (Ptashata): $30,000
  • Office: $40,000
  • Café: $30,000
Your donation will be recognized in the rooms.
See room sizes.

Choose your preferred donation payment option:
  • Facebook.  Visit our Facebook fundraiser page and make your contribution there. This is our preferred way of collecting donations since we will not incur any service fees through Facebook. 
  • Checks. Follow our instructions here.
  • Security Transfers. Follow our instructions here.

Matching Funds
Please use your company’s Matching Fund Program to support Plast Ukrainian Scouting Organization USA,
EIN # 13-6272487.

All gifts will be recognized. Plast is a non-profit 501(c)(3 )organization. Your donation is tax deductible as permitted by law.

With any questions please contact or by phone 203-249-8092. 

Thank you for your contribution today and for joining with others to make our Domivka Renovation a reality for current and future generations.