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About Us

Plast is a worldwide Ukrainian Scouting Organization founded over 100 years ago in 1912 in Ukraine inspired by the goals established by Baden Powell in  Great Britain.

Mission statement: Plast’s goal is the nurturing of personable and principled citizens to become Scouts who would be ready to effectively serve their country as useful citizens and leaders. They would also be successful in their personal lives, bring joy and harmony to their families, and generally be optimistic, energetic and happy.  Plast does not discriminate among its members by education, faith, social or economic class.

The cause that Plast NYC supports: the development of a strong Scout leader of good character and positive contributor to the community.

Plast NYC is the NYC chapter of Plast Ukrainian Scouting Organization – USA incorporated in the State of Michigan in 1950 and is a 501 C3 nonprofit organization.  Additional information can be found on its website PlastUSA.org.

Plast NYC goals: to provide for a suitable NYC facility where Scouts and Scout leadership can meet on a regular basis where Scouts can learn to become of strong character and develop skills that they can apply in society.  The immediate goal is to raise funds for the renovation and upgrade of existing facilities to maximize available space to accommodate growing membership. 

Про Нас

Українська Скавтська Організація «Пласт» має свої старшини (провідні адміністрації) у різних країнах світу, а головно в Україні, де заснувався у 1912 р.

У Сполучених Штатах Америки також працюють українські скавти - пластуни.

Серед пластових осередків в США є станиця Ню Йорк, домівка якої знаходиться на південному сході міста Менгетену. Наша станиця є одна з найстарших пластових одиниць в Америці, про яку свідчить її славетна історія.