Plast Ukrainian Scouting Organization - NYC  
Invites You to Support our Urgent Need

Читати українською

Video: Take a moment to hear why our Domivka holds such a special place in our hearts!  

1952 - 2020: Our former Domivka served multiple generations and thousands of scouts over almost 70 years in the past 

2021 - 2100: A renovated Domivka is now urgently needed for current and future generations of scouts, their families and guests for many more decades

“Plast Purpose is Here to Stay”
Educate youth about the principles of the Plast Oath 
  1. Be faithful to God and Ukraine
  2. Help others  
  3. Live by Plast’s principles and heed Plast leadership 

“Domivka Renovation is on the Way” 
Update essential to accommodate growing membership & 21st century needs
  • More meeting rooms
  • Modern technology
  • Welcome centers and café 
  • Aesthetically pleasing environment 
  • Energy efficient and building code compliant

Press here to view the current state and future plans for Domivka 
  • Current view of empty rooms 
  • Plans for 2nd & 3rd floors and 4th floor roof
  • Closer view of several room groupings
  • Close-up of 3 rooms -- meeting room, welcome center, café
  • Comparison of former vs new Domivka features
To help current and future generations of Plast members,
parents and guests to congregate in a renovated building press